Placing quality talent with quality facilities.

Our core mission is to provide professional and highly skilled staff to deliver exceptional quality care to patients and residents within the healthcare sector.

Why choose us

Long Term Care Facilities

  1. Ensure each shift during you contract length is covered
  2. We know what quality care looks like
  3. We offer skill up classes to your STNAs, free of charge


  • We make sure you always have a stable job
  • We offer bi weekly skill up classes to enhance your skills
  • We offer competitive pay 


We specialize in STNA talent. Leveraging our close affiliation with the DLM Group, our sister business, we maintain a robust talent pipeline, ensuring a steady influx of new healthcare professionals each week.

Supported by our founder's extensive nursing network and relationships with local STNA school administrators, we continuously enhance the skills of our STNA workforce.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we offer skill-up classes to our STNAs, enabling them to refine their abilities and stand out as top-tier healthcare professionals in the market.

Our Process

Long Term Care Facilities

  • Phase 1: Preliminary Discussion & Needs Assessment
  • Phase 2: Trial Period & Evaluation for 6 Weeks
  • Phase 3: Establishing a Formal Contract Agreement

STNAs (State Tested Nursing Assistants)

  • Phase 1: Application Submission and Review
  • Phase 2: Interview and Assessment
  • Phase 3: Setting Availability Preferences
  • Phase 4: Scheduling and Onboarding Coordination
What We Care About Or Values

Quality Care

We ensure our talent cares about their role


We ensure our talent arrives promptly


We ensure our STNAs are prepared for your facilities requirements

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